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dhammika kalapuge

In today’s market place customers do have a variety of choices. In such an environment if one wants to establish an ‘edge’ for its products or services the only way forward is the sensible use of its ‘intangibles’. The intangibles are created and delivered by the ‘people’ of the organisation. Hence, offering a great customer service to the clientele of the organization by its ‘people’ can always make a ‘distinct sustainable differentiation’.

In delivering its products or services with a ‘feel’ and professionalism, at every customer ‘touch point’ becomes crucially important to establish an ‘edge’. Therefore, providing a great customer service today is a mix of art and science. The organisations that develop their ‘people’ instilled with the required knowledge, skills and most importantly the right mind-set help ‘people’ better manage customer ‘touch points’. Continuously training ‘people’ is a key to achieve this.

With a wealth of experience in the design and conducting of training programmes both in Sri Lanka and overseas, I excel in that niche of coaching to best manage those ‘touch points’. My programmes do appeal to people from any walk of life because every learning point is supported by true to life stories, easy to recall mnemonics and simple diagrams. Thus, the response I often get from my clients is that I drive quite complex points in a very simplified manner. I sincerely believe that the ‘messenger is as important as the message’, as such I take every effort to go that extra mile to always give value to the participants in making learning a memorable experience..

The unique value addition of my programmes is to receive a precise brief, personally carryout mystery customer surveys, study the culture of the institution and tailor the training to ideally suit the concerned industry audience. On an average the track record is that 90 percents of the participants rate my programmes as ‘excellent’ whilst the balance rate them ‘good’, and nearly all of them ‘recommend others to attend my programmes.

‘Giving’ is the life philosophy I live by. In the process of extending this to my profession, I update myself and the training content regularly to give real value to my clients. My training role model is none other than Ron Kaufman who is regarded as world’s number one visionary trainer and writer on the subject of 'Up Your Service!'. I continue to be inspired by him.

dhammika kalapuge